Branded Jackets

Branded Jackets

A well branded jacket with a signature logo of your company, will capture attention of many people. It will promote the name freely without too much effort to market your company name. These jackets are warm and well made for the cold winter season in Stellenbosch. The quality of the material, gives you that extra guarantee of the product being used. They come in a range of colours and designs. They also come in sizes S-2XXL, making it convenient for everyone to choose.


  • Two pocket zips
  • Adjustable Velcro Closure at cuffs
  • Comes in sizes S-2XXL
  • Range of colours

A branded Jacket is a good  gift that is designed to keep you warm but comfortable too. The brand name on the jackets will capture the attention of individuals when your associates wear their branded items in public. This item will be a gift that many will appreciate because of how it can be worn even in the cool summer evenings and not just in winter. A perfect giveaway product for the workers in your organisation.


It will keep them nice and warm for them not hesitate putting them on in public for others to see and recognise your brand name. Your chosen colour theme for your items will reflect well with the brand for people to be able to relate it to your name. This jackets are not just jackets, they are jackets made with effort to keep one warm and feeling good. They can be worn with anything and anywhere. Now that is great marketing where clients will wear their branded  items in their personal space for many to identify and rcognise the company logo on their gear and that’s we love them!


To order your branded jackets, send us an email at or give us a call on 0861 111 954.