Printed Coffee Mugs

Printed Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are the coolest gift items anyone can have.

Whether you are a corporate person or a student, a coffee mug is such a wonderful gift.

Printed mugs is one of our best selling items because of how cool and gorgeous they can be with a brand name and logo.

A mug makes a great marketing product, because everyone uses a mug sometime during the day for a coffee or tea break.

Every time your clients or staff use these mugs they will see your logo and be reminded of you.

The branded mugs are a perfect opportunity to promote your brand to clients and staff.



Printed Mug:

This ceramic home-based mug is just one of our collection of printed mugs we supply.

The Home-Base Mug is a great branded mug with a silicone base.

These mugs have a lovely colour inner and a matching removable colour base that is skid-proof.



  • Material: AB grade ceramic
  • Removable Silicone base
  • Capacity: 0.31L / 310ml
  • Size: 9.5 ( h )
  • Includes a presentation box.

Printed Coffee Mugs


This is a perfect opportunity for promoting your name.

It is cool especially in the cold season.

Now your associates can enjoy their warm cup of tea or coffee in a elegant branded mug.

This is one of our best selling corporate gifts and is great for marketing your company name.

Stylish and lovely, it is the perfect gift item.

You could offer it to clients as a year end gift.

Gorgeous and stylish for your clients to enjoy their warm drinks in.

Now is the time to order your.

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