A5 Eco Notebook and Pen

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A5 Eco Notebook and Pen

An Eco Notebook is a fantastic corporate gift idea. These notebooks make a great, environmentally friendly alternative to standard notebooks and are ideal for promoting going green around the office. Our Eco Notebooks are made entirely from recycled materials and include a cool recycled pen as well.

A brilliant way to promote an Eco-friendly ethos throughout your stakeholders, the Eco Notebook is a great branding opportunity with wonderful usefulness.

Fulfilling a daily need at the office or home, these great notebooks are the perfect little writing buddy.

Eco Notebook and Pen Features:

  • Spiral bound notebook
  • 70 pages of recycled paper
  • Pages made in Japan from 100% recycled paper
  • Cover made from 100% recycled cartons
  • Barrel of pen made from recycled cartons
  • 21cm x 15.5cm


Keeping the environment clean and safe is important for future generation to live in.

Choosing products that are environmentally friendly, is good for our planet and cuts costs.

It is important to keep our planet safe and secure for future generations and that is why we should always keep our environment clean.

Corporate gifts are about giving back to show gratitude to your clients.

Show your appreciation to your associates by offering them our eco-friendly gifts.

The perfect opportunity to brand the promotional item with your logo.

Clients will appreciate that you care about the environment you work and live in.

Eco friendly products are mostly recycled, saving money and keeping the environment safe.


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