Computer Briefcase BAG-3752

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This stylish and sexy 5th Avenue Compu-Brief is a wonderful addition to any professionals collection. A well designed piece, the bag allows space for a laptop as well as a host of needed documents and pages with ample room left for carrying comfort. With a handy carry strap as well as brief-style handle this professional looking case is the perfect branded gift, no matter the person.



litchi PVC / 38 ( w ) x 8 ( d ) x 30.5 ( h )
5th Avenue Ladies Business Tote


For everyday work and travel, the compu-brief is amazing to keep all your important documents and laptop.

Clients can enjoy their corporate gift with style.

This elegant bag will suit the corporate worker.

It is great for work and makes for a great marketing idea.

The branded bag will promote your brand freely each time clients use the bag.

Deciding on cool corporate gifts for clients can be a bit overwhelming at times but we are here to help you decide.

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