Disposable Lighters



Disposable Lighters

Brand Innovation is a supplier of lighters in South Africa.
The disposable flint lighter makes a great, cost-effective marketing gift.
This lighter is available in various colours and can be printed with your logo.
This promotional lighter has an adjustable flame.

Lighter Size: 80 x 23mm


What lighters are used for:

You can choose your choice lighter from our range of colours available .

Lighters are not only used by smokers but other people use lighters too.

Lighters are used for starting a fire at a braai or for a camp fire for example.

No matter what your reasons are, these cool lighters can come in very handy when you need them.

The different colours available will be branded with your logo and name to make a great gift item for your clients.


They fit nicely in your pockets and bags.

Clients will like how they can just have their lighters with them because of the size.

It is a good corporate gift for clients to use even in their personal spaces.

To order your disposable flint lighter, send us an email at info@brandinnovation.co.za.

For more of our great corporate gifts, give us a call on 086 111 954.

our friendly experts are waiting for your call.