Drawstring Bag

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The perfect promotional item for clients.

The Condor drawstring bag is great to put your staff in there especially for a day at the beach.

The string bag is light and easy to carry unlike the typical backpacks.

This item can be offered to your clients with the aim of showing them your appreciation for their efforts and hard work.

It is awesome how you can carry it anywhere and anytime.

You can use the front of this lovely item to brand it with your brand name and logo.

This way your brand will be marketed freely.


The condor Drawstring bag:

Comes in a 210D / 31 ( w ) x 40.5 ( h) size in seven awesome colours for you to choose from.

The colours available are, black, blue, green, red, white, lime and turquoise.

With so many colours to choose from, you can choose one that suits your brand perfectly.

You can offer this item to your clients as a year end gift to thank for their work efforts and determination.

They are gorgeous! order yours now.


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