Frequency Headphones TECH-4205

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compatible with allaudio devices
3.5mm audio jack

Double your impact by giving your brand more visibility -add a logo to both sides of our headphones.

We supply branded headphones in South Africa. These funky headphones are fashionable and functional and make promotional products that clients love!
Most people listen to music sometime during the day, and a pair of headphones are always needed. These awesome promotional headphones can be printed with your company logo and design. Plug these comfortable headphones into your phone, tablet, MP3 or MP4 device for music on the move.

We also have other cool earphones options.
We supply these printed headphones in South Africa and Africa. Delivery is country wide, door-to-door from Stellenbosch to Johannesburg.

Headphones are one of our best selling products and our personal favourites.

Your staff and clients are guaranteed to love these cool items as corporate gifts perhaps as end of year gifts.

Perfect for the summer season.

They are perfect for the music lover and vibrant soul.

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