Newhaven Eco Pen PEN-1064




The Eco Newhaven pen is a  pen made with recycled wood.

The German blank ink item is the perfect gift for clients to use in the office.

The eco pen is the perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

The art work on the cool pen will be your name and logo.

Every time a client uses the pen, your brand name will be marketed freely.

It can also be used for special events like signing contracts.

Eco-Logical Pen Features:
recycled wood pulp
polished chrome clip & tip
with black German ink


Using eco friendly products is good for the environment.

Recycled products save money.

Clients will appreciate your efforts in keeping the planet safe and giving them eco friendly pens as gifts.

These cool pens are not only eco friendly, but are stylish too.

Clients will use them in the office.

A fashionable writing tool worth offering your associates.

Offering clients a gift is never easy and that is why we are here to help you.


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