Photo Coaster Set LS-6017

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A great personalised gift option, perfect for corporate branding efforts, this awesome photo coaster set is a small but thoughtful solution to your corporate branding problems. Whether a gift to clients or a promotional giveaway item during events, these coasters allow for a unique and precise marketing item. Looking stunning when branded with your company logo, these are useful and functional pieces that can be used on a day to day basis- a consistent reminder of what your company and brand represents.


Set Of 4 Coasters
Glass Coasters
9 ( L ) X 9 ( W ) X 1 ( H )
Mdf Holder
11 ( L ) X 9 ( W ) X 7 ( H )

This gift item will be cool for free promotion because of how the coaster will be used. Having one in your home for example will appeal to your client’s loved ones  and colleagues  visiting their home, this will freely advertise your company’s brand name without an actual marketing strategy plan.

Consistency is good for advertising a brand and the momentum will be high when clients use their branded coasters when having their favourite drinks with their guests-showing your company’s logo. This will register in their minds and is good for the  success of the business.

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