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Picnic Blanket


Picnic Blanket-A great gift for clients.

The picnic blanket will have your brand name on it.

Perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

Great for the summer season when having a picnic.

A nice and soft blanket that folds up to fit in any bag.


Why a picnic blanket is a great gift to give clients:

For the lovely outdoors of Stellenbosch, having a picnic is one of the fun things you can do.

To have a pic, you need a blanket to sit on while enjoying the outdoors.

It’s nice and soft for relaxing at the park for a nice picnic.

The branded picnic blanket will market your company logo freely.

At a corporate outdoor event, this cool item can be offered to clients as a promotional gift of end of year gift.

It is a cool item for the traveler who loves relaxing at the beach.


Getting corporate gifts to clients can be a bit challenging,

but there is no reason to panic because we are  here to help you choose the perfect gift.

To order your branded picnic blanket,  send us an email at info@brandinnovation.co.za.

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