10 000 mAh Power Max Powerbank

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Power Max Powerbank

This 10 000 mAh power bank is a strong backup charger designed to be able to charge multiple devices. The Powermax Power Bank has a large capacity and two USB ports. This power bank is fantastic value for money. It also includes a handy 4-in-1 charger cable suitable for micro USB, mini USB, lightning pin (new iphone) and 30 pin (old iphone) devices.

Powermax Power Bank Features:

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 10 000 mAh capacity
  • Life cycle: +- 500 times
  • Size: 2.2cm x 7cm x 10cm
  • Presented in velveteen pouch and box

More and more people are now using power banks because of how beneficial they are.

It can be life-saving on many occasions.

Whether you travelling or out at the mall, you can literally use a power bank to charge a device anywhere.

I mean just imagine being on your way to work and your phone switches off for example,

you can simply pull out this energy blast power bank to charge your mobile device without the trouble of finding a spot for you to plug in a charger with a cord.

Clients will love how helpful this promotional item is.

A cool end of year corporate gift!


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