Regatta Mix-N-Match Pen

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Regatta Mix-N-Match Pen

The Regatta Mix-n-Match pen is a unique metal corporate gift pen that can be customized to which ever colours you want.

You can ‘create your own pen’ by choosing your own colour combination.

Choose the top and bottom halves of the pen barrel from one of 10 different colours.

The colours are orange, pink, yellow, lime, white, silver, blue and black.


Mix and Match Pen Features:

  • barrel: brass
  • clip & trim: polished chrome
  • includes large volume refill
  • with 2300 meters of black German writing ink

Pens are essential everywhere you go and this is why they make the perfect corporate gift.

The branded pen will remind your clients and staff of your brand.

This is a perfect way to promote your brand.

This amazing pen is so good because it is gorgeous and stylish for the corporate person.

This is one of our many favourite and best selling corporate gift items.

The range of colours are for you to choose from the our range that suits your brand best


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