Columbia Sports Bag BAG-3542

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Columbia Sports Bag

Sport plays an important role in our lives.

To keep fit and stay healthy, one has to play sports apart from exercise.

With sports comes equipment and tools for the desired activity.

One of the most ideal things that a sport enthusiast must have is a sports bag.

We supply a variety of sports bags and the Columbia sport bag is one of our best selling item.

You could offer it to your clients at a sports event at work as a gesture to thank your associates for their participation in the event.

What makes it so awesome is that it is available in seven different colours you can choose from.

It is available in colours, turquoise, orange, yellow, red, lime, black and blue.


Features of the Columbia Sport Bag:

46 ( W ) X 21 ( D ) X 27.5 ( H )
Shoulder Strap
Front Water Bottle
Mesh Pocket


The side pockets can be used for the branding of your company name and logo.

The adjustable shoulder is strong enough for that heavy sport gear.

This fabulous sport bag also comes with a net pocket to fit your water bottle.

Clients will love how big and stylish it is.

With summer under way, sports activities are bound to hit your area and what a better way to encourage your clients to take part by offering them this gorgeous item.


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