AIDS Ribbons South Africa

AIDS Ribbons South Africa

AIDS Ribbons South Africa-The 1st of December is world AIDS day and because creating awareness is important,

we know the perfect way of getting your clients and associates to take part in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Every year a lot of organisations and entities offer clients expensive gifts to show their support for this worthy cause.

Showing your support does not have to be costly on your company, there is a simpler and better way of creating awareness  of HIV/AIDS.

Often people have little or no knowledge on the disease.

They do not know how easy it is to contract and the importance of proper education to help them prevent and take care of themselves once they have been tested positive for the virus.

Offering your clients the red AIDS ribbons to show they care on world AIDS day, is a great corporate gift idea.

It shows social responsibility form your company and clients.

Clients will put on their shirts on the 1st of December to create awareness.


Aids ribbon with pin

Why ribbons for world AIDS day:

Instead of spending a lot of money on corporate items with an AIDS logo, you can simply get your clients the red ribbons.

They will cost less than other products of which some will require branding and art work costing you a lot of money unnecessarily.

When clients have their ribbons on, they will be showing the public that they care and that will be also contribute towards the good image of your brand.

You can perhaps have a corporate event dedicated to educating and creating awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Clients will participate in the event, having their ribbons on as part of the event.

Let us all show our support for this worthy cause.


”Leaders in all spheres who are living with HIV should be encouraged, not coerced, to live by example and disclose their HIV status” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.



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