Nano Power Bank

Nano Power Bank

Nano Power Bank-A uniquely branded power bank with your company name.

The perfect gift item to offer to clients. The branded power bank will show company logo and name to market it freely.

Power Banks are cool to have because you can use them to transfer electrical energy so that you later charge your mobile device.

You can use it to charge your tablet, media device and cellphones.

The following are the features of a Nano Power Bank:

10.6 ( l ) x 3.6 ( w ) x 1.2 ( h )
lithium polymer battery
safety: over voltage, over current, over load & short circuit protection

Nano Power Bank - 2600mAh (incl FREE Digital Print) TECH-4465

Power Banks have literally substituted chargers that require plugs.

They are necessary to have especially if you are a traveler. Buying extra batteries every time you travel is costly.

Having a power bank charger cuts cost.

Clients will appreciate how portable these lovely chargers are.

Easy to use, clients will love how they cool they look with the company name on them.

Technology has evolved over the years and we want you to keep with the best devices.


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