iFidelity Earphones TECH-4207

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iFidelity Earphones

The iFidelity Earphones are great quality in ear headphones that bring you a clear and crisp sound that you will love experiencing!

Having earphones these days is so cool because you get to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes on the go.

They are of great quality and the are trendy.

The carry case is perfect for putting your logo and brand name on.

Perfect for promoting your brand.

So when clients use their earphones they will be reminded of you.

Jazz Earbud Features:

  • aluminium
  • compatible with all audio devices
  • volume controller
  • built in microphone
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Includes smart carry case

Milled Aluminum housing delivers pristine sound quality from your favorite artists like you were in the studio experiencing the music as it was created. The built in music controller allows you to adjust volume, songs and take incoming calls all from the convenient controller located on the tangle free cables. Comes with a EVA molded carrying case for transporting your earphones in a bag, purse or pocket.


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