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Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Moleskine Notebooks in South Africa. This basic, yet classic Moleskine notebook is one of the best selling and well known Moleskine notebooks in South Africa. Perfect for the style and fashion of Stellenbosch, the Molskine Notebook serves its purpose to the tee.

A classic statement in the office or at home, this is a brand linked to professionalism and perfection, the perfect branding opportunity for our brand and corporate image.
This notebook has a hard cover and ruled pages.
Like every Moleskine, this notebook has an elastic closure and a bookmark ribbon.
In the back cover of the notebook there is an expandable pocket that contains the history of Moleskine.
Moleskine notebooks are known across the globe. These notebooks are perfect for writing and making notes. We can brand these prestigious notebooks with your company name and logo to make a stunning corporate gift.

Notebook Size: 13 x 21cm
240 lined pages

Moleskine Notebooks South Africa

We are a registered supplier of Moleskine notebooks in South Africa, and we supply branded Moleskines to various businesses in South Africa.

These aren’t just any regular old notebooks, a Moleskine is something to be proud of. Having your logo branded on a Moleskine notebook makes is a status symbol and shows that your company appreciates high quality products.

On a Moleskine notebook we can do three different types of branding;

  • Printing
  • Embossing
  • Foiling

Printed Notebooks

A printed logo is great for eye-catching and vibrant branding. We can print in up to 4 colours on these notebooks. We use screen printing on these notebooks to give you the best quality print suited to a Moleskine.

An embossing is a very popular option as branding for executive notebooks and folders. Embossing is anelegant and understated branding method. Embossing is a stunning way to brand your notebook and looks very professional.


Notebook Foiling

Foiling is the perfect middle ground between the above mentioned branding methods. Foiling is similar to embossing, in that the logo is pressed into the cover of the notebook, but it also adds a colour element that is more prominent and visible than just standard embossing. The foiling is generally done in silver or gold and creates an executive feel to the notebook. This is a fantastic method of branding suited to the legendary Moleskine Notebook.


We can supply you with your perfect custom Moleskine notebook for your company.