Promo Earbuds GIFT-9465

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Promo Earbuds

With so many exciting trends, mobile technology is coming up top.

You ever notice the number of people with earbuds on their ears at the mall, on the streets, and at work sometimes.

It is so amazing how so many people enjoy listening to their favourite tunes or radio stations while on the move.

These promo earbuds are a perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

The colour printing on the gift item is cool for your logo and brand name to display.

Clients can use these awesome earbuds whenever and wherever.

They can just plug it in their devices and listen to their favourite tunes.


6.5 ( l ) x 6 ( w ) x 1.7 ( h )

These earbuds are so cool because of how clients can have them with them anywhere.

The small size of the set can fit in your pocket and bag.

After a year of hard work, clients just need someone to say ”thank you” for their hard work and efforts.

This is just a cool gift for your associates!


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