Selfie Stick TECH-4450

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Selfie Stick

This wired selfie stick is a great promotional gift. A selfie stick is a monopod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. Unlike the bluetooth selfie sticks, the wired selfie sticks do not need to be charged and uses no batteries! – See more at:

Features of Paparazzi Selfie Stick

  • 3.5mm audio jack wire
  • Length collapsed: 29.5cm
  • Length extended: 115cm
  • presented in black pouch

The selfie trend has emerged immensely and more people are loving selfie sticks.

You can even take a group picture sing a selfie stick.

For those days when you were out with your loved ones and could not take a group pic unless one of you was not part of it. With a selfie stick you don’t have to go through that, you can use your stick to take your group photo.

It is a cool gift idea and very modern.

Now your clients can enjoy taking selfies so order yours now.

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